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Rock Blocks - Matte Rainbow, Set of 8

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Each set of Rock Blocks are made-to-order. They are lovingly handcrafted from natural wood and hand painted with milk paint - making them child-safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. They are designed with asymmetrical shapes so you can build and balance towers, arches, mountains, letters, and shapes. They are not only a fun challenge for kids, but also adults!

  • Improves Coordination: Encourages development of dexterity, logic, and reasoning skills

  • Open-Ended Play: Balancing blocks allows children to build freely and creatively, letting the wonder of imagination run wild.

  • Unplugged toy: Kids need hands-on, sensory toys, and rock blocks are sure to satisfy. No screens/batteries needed.

  • Captivating and challenging: The best toy to keep kids, and the whole family, entertained and happy!

    - Made from Alder wood, which is one of the most sustainable and accessible woods the US has to offer. 
    - Milk paint (non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water-based paint made from 100% natural ingredients) 

    Note: As this is handcrafted, every block will be unique. Sets of 8 mostly consist of average sized blocks, with occasionally 1 small block. The blocks shown will be different to the blocks you receive. Sizing can also vary slightly. Vibrancy of colour depends on the wood types. These are not considered defects.  

    Care Instructions: Wipe gently with dry cloth if needed. Please note that paint will eventually wear off if you scrub and rub too much. 

    Recommended for ages 2+ and up. Toddlers at 2+ start stacking them more, as opposed to toddlers at 1+ who still explore the world around them with their mouths - and hence there is a possibility you might end up needing to clean the blocks more than usual. However, with a 1+ toddler, you could still play with these blocks in other ways - that's what open-ended play and pretend play is all about!