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Organic Bandana Bibs - Little Explorer

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Is your baby a little drooling machine? Keep baby's clothes dry with these organic bandana bibs!

The top organic cotton layer quickly absorbs drool and liquids, while the fleece layer underneath prevents any wetness from going through.

They are designed to be super soft and absorbent on top, to minimize clothing changes throughout the day. Once the bibs get wet, just switch out to a new one and you’re on your way. 

These cute modern patterns can give your baby a stylish addition to their adorable outfits. Get compliments when you’re out on the town. 

Say goodbye to frequent clothing changes and have your baby stay dry in style!

Adjustable snaps also allow the bibs to grow with your baby. For 0-36 months. 

*Comes in a set of 4

- Organic cotton layer, certified with Oeko-Tex certification (top)
- Fleece layer (bottom)