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2 Stage Feeding Set: Silicon Suction Bowl with set of 2 Baby and Toddler Spoons - Pastel Purple

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We love to share in the joy of babies reaching their milestones, and starting on solids is one of them. 

Feeding time just got easier with our suction bowl and spoon sets. This set comes with a baby-sized spoon, specially designed by Kubbi & Co. for babies' little mouths; as well as a toddler spoon.

The suction on the base of our bowls is next level! No more throwing bowls of food on the floor, or half of it ending up in your little one’s lap. The higher curved edge on one end also makes it easier for your little ones to scoop their own food. 

How to use your bowl:

1. Wash before use.
2. Place bowl on a smooth, clean, dry surface of table top or high chair for a tight seal.
Press down firmly around the base of the bowl - from edges to the inner base.
4. To remove the bowl, simply pull on the easy release tab on the base of the bowl.

- Bowls: BPA-free, food-grade silicone
- Spoons: BPA-free, food-grade silicone with beech wood handle

Care Instructions: 
- We recommend washing your bowl and spoons in hot soapy water. 
- Do not soak the wooden spoons in water for long periods of time. 
- Only the silicone bowl is dishwasher safe (top shelf) and microwave safe