About Us

While preparing for the arrival of our little one - whom we affectionately refer to as 'Mini' - we started looking for essentials and toys that fit our ideals. Ones that were naturally safe, non-toxic and plastic-free (as much as possible); and yet also sleek, neutral and simple (no childish look!)

Being a speech therapist, I also wanted to get toys and books that were simple and developmentally-appropriate, and could be used with the right opportunities and interaction to encourage communication, speech and language development (but of course, we don't always need toys to do this!)

We came to realise that many of the things we were looking for were not easily available in Singapore, and ended up getting these items from other places around the world. In the process, the idea for 'a world for mini' was born!  


We are very proud of the brands we choose to work with, both big and small. Hence, we list all the brands we partner and their stories behind them. Transparency mattered a lot to us while we were looking for what we wanted for Mini. We choose our products and brands carefully, and the quality of the essentials and toys we carry, are ones we are sure of - safe for our child, and yours!