Woodlander Toys

Behind the Brand

Woodlander Toys is based in Michigan, USA.

David and Sarah Brown, a husband and wife team, had a dream of starting a small business where they could create handmade items that could be enjoyed by others. However, it wasn't until they made a wooden rattle for a friend recently that they found their niche and Woodlander Toys began. David is also a full-time woodworker/cabinetmaker in the day. 

They have been slowly expanding their range of products to include various types of teethers, toys and keepsakes - all made out of baby safe woods, silicone and fabric. 

Why we love Woodlander Toys 

We are very happy to be able to partner with David and Sarah's workshop, as they are very passionate about what they do, making sure each product is made with quality, love and baby's safety in mind. They are also very open to new ideas and suggestions and we are looking forward to our collaborations for future products. 

They are also very knowledgable and detailed, and transparent about their processes and raw materials, which puts us at ease getting their toys for our little one and yours.