Timber Sprout Toys

Behind the Brand 

Timber Sprout Toys is based in Missouri, US. 

Amy and Kaleb Becar, a husband and wife team started Timber Sprout Toys in 2017 - after the birth of their daughter. They found themselves looking for safe, healthy and timeless wooden toys instead of the plastic and electronic alternatives. Hence, they started making eco-friendly toys - ones that they would feel confident of giving to their daughter. 

The business started in their very own basement, and through determination and passion, Amy and Kaleb taught themselves the art of woodworking. Today, they offer a range of handcrafted wooden, heirloom quality toxic-free toys that are also an investment in a conscious and healthy lifestyle. 

Why we love Timber Sprout Toys

Amy and Kaleb are very passionate about what they do and the quality of the the toys they create - Timber Sprout Toys makes heirloom quality wooden toys with one of the most unique wood colours and finishing we have ever seen. You can imagine how their wooden pieces will feel in your hand even just by looking at it!