Kubbi & Co.

Behind the Brand 
Kubbi & Co. is based in Central Coast, NSW, Australia. 
Laura van Breukelen - a busy mother of 2 - started Kubbi & Co in 2015 making custom painted wooden name blocks, when she first decided to make a set of pastel name blocks for her daughter Ashley. 
Over the years, they have introduced new products to their range, with the latest addition being their silicone feeding sets that we are very proud to carry in our store. 
Why we love Kubbi & Co. 

Silicone feeding sets are very common nowadays, but what makes the feeding sets from Kubbi & Co. different is the extra thought behind the design. 

Instead of just the standard toddler-sized spoon, Laura specially designed a baby-sized spoon to be included in the set - so that it can fit tinier mouths that don't open as wide and big (when babies start on their first solids). This makes feeding much easier for babies and parents. 

We like that Laura is really thoughtful about the products that she makes, and is also open to new ideas and collaboration. She has really great visions for her brand and future line of products!