Father's Factory

Behind the Brand

When his daughters were little, Jimmy built them toys made of cardboard that sparked their creativity and imagination, which over time became an important part of their lives.

Inspired by the joy and magical moments his own toy creations brought to his little girls, Jimmy and his wife, Tammy started Father's Factory in California in 2014. 

Jimmy spent about 3 years designing and prototyping wooden toys from his own garage (his "factory") - toys that would encourage children to imagine and bring families together to create wonderful memories that could last lifetimes; and toys that could be passed on from generation to generation. 

Aptly named, the resulting Father’s Factory creates heirloom quality wooden toys that offer the same magical moments their daughters enjoy to children and families around the world. 

Their first collection is a series of wooden toy cameras with kaleidoscopic lens. Kids love them, and parents love seeing their kids pretending to be little photographers. Father's Factory creates beautiful wooden pieces of heirloom quality that double as both toys and decor.

Why we love Father's Factory

We love the story that inspired the start of Father's Factory, and the heirloom quality wooden toys they create that encourage children to imagine, to explore their surroundings and interact with others - offering endless possibilities for play and fun and creating precious magical moments and memories for kids and families everywhere.