Copper Pearl

Behind the Brand

Copper Pearl is a US brand that produces a line of premium, trendy and unique baby accessories and clothing made with the highest quality fabrics. 

Two best friends, Stephanie Lee (a redhead, a.k.a. "Copper") and Kristen Reichert (a blonde, a.k.a. "Pearl") started Copper Pearl in 2015, with the initial intention to re-create the boring baby bib and elevate it into something more modern using custom prints and a re-designed fit. Building on the success of its bibs, Copper Pearl now sells a wide (and expanding) range of products - bibs, headband bows, nursing covers, swaddle blankets, burp clothes and many more! 

All of their products go through a rigorous review process to ensure that the designs and materials chosen are highly functional, yet fashionable. 

Why we love Copper Pearl 

When we first started looking for bandana bibs for Mini, we realised that the options available here were very limited - mostly in childish prints and colours that we didn't like. We preferred something more neutral and less childish, so we went online and looked for other options.

That's how we came across Copper Pearl - their wide variety of stylish prints and designs, and raving reviews of the quality and absorbency of their bibs. We ordered a couple of sets of bibs, covers, blankets and their burp clothes, and when they arrived, we were instantly sold by the quality of the products! 

Hence, they are a brand we have wanted to work with right from the beginning, and we are really happy to have the opportunity to do so. We love Copper Pearl for its large variety of stylish prints and colours, the super soft, quality fabrics in a wide range of baby essentials! We try to bring in a wide variety of designs and prints, so there's something for every taste out there.